The AQL-HT series flares are designed to offer a combustion temperature above 1000 °C and residency time longer than 0,3 s. This is to comply with the widely-applied German norm TA-Luft, in those case in which the flare is not just an emergency element, as well as in case of landfills and other complex and special gases. The AQL-HT features heat-resistant ceramic insulation, automatic air intake regulation and temperature control, as well as automatic ignition and operation, using a pilot burner usable with biogas or an extra source of gas (i.e. LPG).


Area of deployments.

  • Thermal disposal of combustible surplus gases (landfill gas plants) or special gases.
  • HT flares are supplied with heat-resistant ceramic lagging (up to 1220 °C) and automatically controlled air flap. The flare burner starts when the start signal and the gas pressure due for flare.
  • Automatic ignition and control during operation.
  • All control functions in weatherproof control cabinet.
  • Ignition system: Pilot burner for propane, natural gas and special gases.
  • All wetted components are welded of V4A steel, rayed and passivated.


Type Specification

  • Volume flow: 50 -1500 Nm3/h
  • Medium: landfill & special gases
  • Heat value: 35-95%CH4
  • Gas pressure: min. 20 mbar
  • Connection: DN50-DN200
  • Ignition: high voltage 10 kW
  • Flame control: UV-cell

Main Features

  • Concealed burning > 1000 °C
  • Dwell of 0,3 sec (TA air)
  • Insulated burning chamber
  • Standardized to EN746
  •  Main Features
  • Two-step main gas valve
  • Stainless steel switch board
  • Continuous power regulation
  • Flare-length according to customers wish
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