The operation of biogas or sewage treatment plants may necessitate the safe combustion of excess gas (e.g. start-up phase, repairs or severe consumer damages). The AQL biogas flare provides the operator with an automatically controlled, safe and low- emission gas flare. The robust and functional design of the AII primarily ensures a long service life, low maintenance and constant availability.

  • Outstanding value proposal.
  • Low noise & low emissions pursuant to TA-AIR
  • Concealed combustion.
  • Fully automatic control, flame monitoring and ignition mechanism.
  • Certified fittings.
  • Incl. deflagration protection to atex.
  • Wide operating range (percent load).
  • Entirely made from stainless steel.
  • Various accessories available on enquiry.
  • Installation if required
biogas flare - antorcha

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